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Spirit of Southern Vietnam

The documentary series, which reflect and communicate the landscapes, nature and lifestyle of people living in Vietnam.  I am passionate for this subject because I am Vietnamese. I wish to capture the essence of the subject’s personality and the unique lifestyle that forms the individual nature of the person being photographed.


Mekong Delta is the longest river from southern Vietnam to Cambodia. People who live  on the Mekong Delta reside on floating boats or floating homes.  Mekong Delta has beautiful landscape of plant-life and human activities with mighty waterways.  This river connects the people who live on the river.  It's a water world where boats, houses, and markets float upon the infinite rivers, canals and streams that flow through the region like pathways. Visitors actually can live and experience life on a similar houseboat and take in the  southern charm of riverside cities. They can sample fruits that are traded in the curious floating markets. Photography is my passion and my eye for viewing my unique native country and all of its diverse people. 

Man On Boat

Living On The Water

Saigon Corner.ANguyen.JPG

Living In The City

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