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Images of Vietnam

Spring is a very inspirational time for an independent photographer like me, who went back to Vietnam and enjoyed the Tet Celebration with my grandma.  This was the first time I returned to my serene ocean city of Phan Thiet in 15 years; it has changed a lots. Vietnamese Tet is an occasion for an entire people to share a common idea of peace, mutual love with family and it is the biggest communal festival in Vietnam.  I was so excited when I got back to Vietnam and celebrates Tet with my family.  I took dozens of photos of people living in Vietnam. The place that I liked the most and I still remember was "Cho Tet," which means the Tet Festival.  All around the city people were making their preparations. A saleswoman weighed out a bagful of apricot mut or one customer, coconut mut for another and ginger mut for someone else. "Mut," is a type of the dried fruits that Vietnamese people like to buy on the New Year Day.  In other parts of the crowded market, there were daisies and lilies.  Shoppers swarmed the markets, searching for new clothes, food, flowers and fresh fruits to worship their ancestors with. In the weeks before the New Year, the vendors begin to appear on the city street selling miniature orange tree and how mai branches.  Midnight on New Year's Eve, known as "Dem Giao Thua," is the most significant moment of the year for everybody in Vietnam.  I saw many of the foreigner who live in Vietnam came to watch the Dragon Dance and fireworks.  Vietnamese New Year is called, "Nam Moi," similar to the Chinese Xin Nian." Vietnamese people pay it a courteous 

acknowledgement and reserve their heart and soul for Traditional Tet.  Also, at the way I took the "Images of Vietnam" photos in hard working and soul of lifestyle. I was very happy I went back to my native country and visited my grandma with other relatives for the first time.                          

                                                           ---Andy Nguyen---

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