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About Andy Nguyen

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Andy Nguyen was born in Vietnam and raised in San Jose. Nguyen received his BFA in Photography from San Jose State University. Currently, he is keep going with his dream in MFA Photography at SJSU. Nguyen spends time exploring areas around the Bay Area for inspiration for his photography, creating photos that reflect the landscapes, nature, and lifestyle of various ethnic populations in the Bay area, throughout America, and around the world. His photographic process and work expresses the relationships that he has with local communities and their stories that inspire his work.


His passion photography spans over 15 years, and his dedication is captured through his documentation of personal narrative, community events, as well as cultural celebrations. He graces his environments with a contagious, enthusiasm and optimism. Nguyen has made numerous contributions to his community and has received multiple awards for his dedication for and involvement in Santa Clara County. He has been lauded for his documentation of underrepresented ethnic communities. 


Recognizing the impact that art can have in humanity. Nguyen has exhibited in support of numerous humanitarian organizations, including the Friends of Hue Foundation Children Shelter in Vietnam, BeCause for Hope, International Children Assistance Network (ICAN), the Franciscan Charity, and the Help Kenyan Children Survive & Thrive, Inc. Nguyen’s chief goal is to continue to make a positive difference by connecting with people during community festivals and celebrations, school events, political events, and assorted community services projects, and chronical these meaningful events through his photography. By telling stories through his lens, he hopes to help generate resources to continue assisting vulnerable children, community members with special needs, locally and internationally.



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